Session is a lightweight, fun, and interactive webinars and meeting platform from Hopin available at These are a few of our favorite features that make Session unique and different from other video solutions on the web.

1. Three-for-1 Webinar Themes: Meetup, Workshop, Interactive Stream

With Session, you get three themes or “room types” so that you can tailor each Session to your goals. 

  • Meetup – great for meetings, everybody’s video tile is the same size.
  • Workshop – great for collaborative presentations, has a Stage with a “Front Row” live audience gallery underneath that you can interact with
  • Interactive stream – great for webinars, has a Stage only and fun ways for the off-camera audience to interact

Give them a try to see which one you like best.

2. Custom branded name labels

Give everybody a chance to add their name, headline, and a logo before entering the Session. It’s fast and easy and adds a professional touch to the call.

3. Fun interactions! Confetti, emoji bursts, Scribble, Gestures, chat highlighter and more 

Session is full of new and innovative attendee interactions. Click on someone’s video tile to confetti them. Send emoji reactions (use the keyboard shortcut e+1-6) to give feedback. Change your cursor to draw on a screenshare. Turn on AI Gestures for raising hands and giving thumbs up. Turn chat messages into animated lower thirds!

4. Custom logo, background image, and brand colors

Use Session’s built-in Unsplash and Clearbit integrations to pick from 12 million high resolution photos for your background and search your customer’s logo to add it to your Session in seconds! Of course, you can upload your own and Session will store it for next time. Don’t forget to change the Session color to your brand color — makes the whole experience feel on brand, professional and polished.

5. Beautiful built-in webinar landing pages for collecting registrations

Open the registration tab to customize the landing page for your event - this is the link you send to people to register for the event. You can customize the background, banner image, logo, and description (WYSIWYG editor).

6. Smooth video play with YouTube integration

Need to play a pre-recorded video? No problem! Simply paste in a YouTube video (unlisted videos, too) and Session will play it in smooth high-resolution for everyone. No more choppy videos in presentations!

7. Tools – timers, Q&A, breakouts, and more

Session comes with all the tools you need to keep the meeting moving, organized, and productive — all at the click of a button, so it’s super easy to manage.

8. Instant cohosts make speaker management easy

For the events where you want share hosting duties, simply send anyone the host link – they’ll be able to join and have all the capabilities of a host, to make running the show easy and stress-free.

9. Attendee engagement analytics

After an event, Session shows you interesting attendee insights that you can leverage in your marketing and sales strategies. Simply open the Insights on an Ended event and you’ll be able to view:

  • Live attendance over time
  • Volume of emoji reactions and chat messages over time
  • Attendee engagement scores
  • Video recording views and more

10. Super affordable pricing

Unlock Session Pro features for just $49/month. You get:

  1. Cohosts
  2. Custom logos
  3. Engagement analytics
  4. Breakout rooms

What’s your favorite Session feature? 

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