When you’re hosting a Session, the last thing you want to do is toggle between multiple screens and apps to message your co-host. We’re so excited to roll out a NEW highly demanded feature to solve this problem: Host Chat! With centralized communication, and the ability to keep sensitive information within your trusted circle, host chat empowers hosts to communicate effortlessly while in Session to streamline coordination.

Streamlined Coordination:

Imagine having a dedicated tab within the chat panel of your session or room that lets you privately chat with your fellow hosts. That's exactly what Host Chat brings to the table! With this feature, hosts can communicate in real-time, ensuring smooth coordination and a seamless session flow. No more scrambling through endless emails or juggling multiple messaging platforms—Host Chat is your one-stop-shop for collaboration and keeping everyone on the same page.

Feature Rich Chat:

Host Chat doesn't just stop at basic messaging. Hosts can share messages, react with your favorite emojis, exchange photos and videos, and even drop those oh-so-important links—all from within Host Chat. Whether you need to share updates, cue your speakers, or tackle behind-the-scenes tech issues, Host Chat has got you covered with a complete suite of communication tools.

Privacy and Control You Need:

We know privacy and control are essential for hosts. That's why only those who join your session or room with the co-host link can access the Host Chat. This ensures that sensitive information stays within your trusted circle, creating a secure environment for all your session-related discussions.

Insights Without the Chat Clutter:

We know you love getting those engagement analytics, but we also understand that you don't want your own messages cluttering up the results. We thought through that too. Messages exchanged within the Host Chat won't count towards the total number of messages in engagement insights. This means you can get accurate engagement data that truly reflects your attendees' interactions without including your internal communications. Say goodbye to noise and hello to insightful analytics!

Flexibility for the Win:

And here's the cherry on top: messages in the Host Chat won't be saved to the session or room history. It's like having a fresh start for every session! No need to worry about old conversations cluttering up your session. Host Chat gives you the flexibility to begin each session with a clean slate, so you can focus on delivering an exceptional experience to your attendees without any distractions.

How it works: 

Using the Host Chat feature is incredibly simple.

  1. Invite your co-host to join the session
  2. Open the chat window, and toggle to "host"
  3. Start chatting in private
  4. Share links, images, upload files
  5. React with emojis
  6. Toggle back to "All" to chat with all attendees

With Host Chat, Session is taking your webinars, workshops and more to a new level of efficiency. This highly requested feature empowers you to communicate effortlessly, supercharging coordination, production, and the overall quality of your sessions.

Say hello to Host Chat, and let the magic unfold!

Note: Host Chat is available in Session Pro plans and above.