High quality at scale

Built on a modern video platform that uses the latest technology to deliver the best experience, no matter your device or location.
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Supports 2 to 1000s

Session's technology can flex to support a broad range of use cases, always at the highest quality.


Truly real-time A/V

Never experience a lag or delay in the delivery of your audio and video to keep your conversation flowing naturally.

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent adjustments

Uses AI to intelligently remove background noise, touch up lighting, enable gesture based emojis, and more.


Seamless experience

Automatic speaker adaptation, bandwidth based performance optimization, and more.


Optimized for location

We run a global mesh of servers to connect your audience to the correct server based on their location


Security you need

We’ve implemented best in class security practices to keep our customer data safe, achieving SOC2 Compliance.

If you like high engagement rates, you’ll love Session.

session in use
Byrony Mulkern Image

“I love how customizable Session is. I can design each experience to be totally unique with different backgrounds, colors, music, and more - each having its own personality.”

Bryony Mulkern
Community Manager, Sentisum
Nick Nimmin Image

“Session is easy to use, easy to customize, and the people you’re going to have conversations with are going to love it.”

Nick Nimmin
YouTube Personality and Tech Reviewer
Desiree Martinez Photo

“Session makes it easy for customers to feel like when you’re with Desiree, it’s an experience, not just another thing they’re gonna go do.”

Desiree Martinez
All in One Social Media
Steve Klein Photo

“You have to find a way to bring your community together in a way that individuals can form connections with each other and not just the host, and I feel like Session lets us do that.”

Steve Klein